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SLR Digital Finance Closes $5 Million Credit Facility for Audigent, the leading Data Curation Platform

Dec 19, 2022

SLR Digital Finance LLC (“SLR Digital Finance”) announces the funding of a $5 million credit facility for Audigent, the leading data activation, curation and identity platform for the media industry.

Audigent’s next-generation curated marketplaces – SmartPMPs™, ContextualPMPs™, and CognitivePMPs™ – are revolutionizing how data and identity are actioned across programmatic media channels.  Pioneering how data is applied to and optimized against inventory supply, Audigent packages first-party audiences, contextual and other predictive data sets with premium inventory through private marketplaces (PMPs) across programmatic channels, including display, video, native and CTV.  Powering its suite of privacy-centric products, Audigent’s Hadron ID maximizes addressability and monetization of data and media at scale without using cookies and is at the forefront of futureproofing identity for media agencies, brands and publishers.

The proceeds provide the business with additional working capital as the company continues to scale the platform and onboard new advertisers and agencies.

“We are excited to have chosen SLR as our partner for our credit facility as their team has deep sector experience and is uniquely knowledgeable about our business, its partners and its clients,” said Drew Stein CEO and Founder of Audigent. “The data and media ecosystems are at an exciting crossroads ripe with opportunity – it’s great to have a partner like SLR supporting our company’s growth and the media ecosystem.”


“We are thrilled to partner with Audigent as they accelerate their growth and continue to provide unique data solutions to advertisers,” said Jeffrey Austin, SVP of Business Development at SLR Digital Finance. “As the industry continues to shift towards first-party data and curated marketplaces, Audigent is perfectly positioned to help brands and agencies with the transition.”



About Audigent

Audigent is the leading data activation, curation and identity platform. Audigent’s pioneering data platform unlocks the power of privacy-safe, first-party data to maximize addressability and monetization of media at scale without using cookies. As one of the industry’s first data curation platforms powered by its unique identity suite (Hadron ID™), Audigent is transforming the programmatic landscape with its innovative SmartPMP™, ContextualPMP™ and CognitivePMP™ products, which use artificial intelligence and machine learning to package and optimize consumer-safe data with premium inventory supply at scale. Providing value and performance for the world’s largest brands and global media agencies across 100,000+ campaigns each month, Audigent’s verified, opt-in data drives monetization for premium publisher and data partners that include: Condé Nast, TransUnion, Warner Music Group, Penske Media, a360 Media, Fandom and many others. For more information, visit

About SLR Digital Finance

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